Q ROBOT SMART FACTORY (STANDARD) service diagnoses the process status through OEE performance analysis with data obtained from basic service and expresses it as a daily trend for a week.

Because OEE Performance is calculated from cycle time, our solution provides a statistical analysis solution of cycle time for managers' reasonable improvement activities.

Q ROBOT SMART FACTORY (STANDARD) service helps you manage cycle time by using the widely used 6-sigma statistical quality analysis method.

Pp and Ppk are used to express the state of process quality throughout the week, and Cp and Cpk are used to show the trend of daily process quality.

Q ROBOT SMART FACTORY (STANDARD) solution visualizes and provides process managers with automatically analyzed cycle time statistical analysis results.

Q ROBOT SMART FACTORY (STANDARD) uses the boxplot for each process to check the visualized management status of Daily cycle time . In general, box plots represent median, upper and lower quartiles, and minimum maximum data values to visualize the distribution of cycle time that Cp and Cpk could not express.

Our solution visualizes 6-sigma's Cp, Cpk, and Performance in one graph. This visualization service helps the process manager intuitively understand the difference between the planned cycle time and the actual measured cycle time and the management status of the cycle time.

Finally, the solution evaluates the management status of cycle time according to 6-sigma criteria.

* System Specifications

- Windows 10, 11

- .NET 4.7.0 or later

- Intel Core i Series or later internal graphics


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